Saturday, November 26, 2011

Transfer Sheets onto Meringue

Usually I don't use colored cocoa butter transfer sheets. I feel they make chocolate not look so hot because it hides behind the design. Plus I have never seen a design that is not tacky that I find appealing. HOWEVER, when I tried them out on this Italian meringue I surprised, in a good way, mostly because I didn't know if it'd work on anything but chocolate. This is a simple 2-1 ratio Italian meringue evenly spread on the transfer sheet (this image on the transfer sheet I actually liked; how could you not appreciate the perfection of a honeycomb?), then carefully placed it inside a PVC tube to dry in a dehydrator at 40 degrees Celsius for 12 hours.
I can see many possibilities for this, mostly for a la minute pick-ups, but also could be filled with a sorbet or ice cream (or other frozen dessert) and quickly frozen to preserve the crispness of the meringue. A flavored meringue is also a possibility (I would like to make a green tea meringue filled with black sesame ice cream).