Friday, May 20, 2011

Danish Test Items

I had recently been thinking about laminated doughs and how they would bake if they were to be cut horizontally instead of vertically. Meaning, once all of the turns (or folds) are done and you have a nice packet (of about 3cm thick) of laminated dough, instead of sheeting it thin and then cutting it, cut the packet into 3mm strips using a sharp thin knife. These strips of dough were laid flat and were alternated with chocolate puff pastry (1 x 1) and were then wrapped around a piece of green tea genoise. The pieces were then placed in a mold, proofed and baked. Once baked and still hot they were brushed with a mixture of simple syrup and corn syrup (equal parts) and baked for five minutes with the vent open. This evaporated any surface moisture from the syrups and cooked the sugar onto the surface of the danish. The look of the danish reminds me of an Italian pastry called sfogliatelle, which is very similar in concept, except that it is not a yeasted dough.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Puffed Rice Cereal Candy Bars

Not much to say but crispy puffed rice + chocolate = just right. The golden component is brushed on edible gold luster dust, really just for looks.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Crispy Milk Revisited

A while back I posted about crispy milk ; in this case it was a foamed milk with glucose that was then dehydrated, creating a wonderful, meringue-like foam with a very intense milk taste. I recently came across an idea to make a milk foam in an iSi whipper (400 g milk plus two sheets of gelatin) and it did in fact create a voluminous foam, but even with the gelatin it was not very stable ten minutes after extruding it from the whipper. This is when I decided to let it air-dry at room temperature for two days, knowing full well that the foam would completely collapse, but I was curious as to the final result, and this is what you see. The gelatin helped create this flat, crisp sheet of milk, very flavorful and texturally extremely crisp. The flavor of milk was acutely concentrated since the moisture had evaporated, leaving only the solid components of the milk behind, effectively concentrating their flavor.

In this photo I added a dollop of caramel and a few Maldon salt crystals. Delicious as a petite four.