Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ring Shaped Candy Bar

These bars are made of a cashew praline with a small quantity of cocoa butter added to bind the praline and keep it all in place. The mixture (90% praline, 10% cocoa butter) is then poured into a ring mold, frozen, unmolded, and then dipped (at room temperature) in tempered dark chocolate. I really like the shape. It opens other possibilities for different fillings (layered flavors) and coatings.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


On a roll now with our new eclairs. The newest member of the family being what I believe to be one of my favorite things to eat: a coffee eclair. We simply combine pastry cream with soluble coffee crystals (VIA, of course, not Sanka or Nescafe... not that there's anything wrong with those brands...) which flavor the cream very intensely. The glaze also also contains coffee but in liquid form (thank you Trablit).

Enjoy. I certainly did... about two or three.