Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I think we don't see enough of them around. New York State is a prime grower of many varieties of apples, but I suppose we use them mostly for pies (nothing wrong with that). One aspect of the Tarte Tatin I have never liked is how quickly the crust gets soggy. I bypassed that by baking the puff pastry separately, caramelizing it and placing it at the bottom of the Tarte once it had cooled down completely and just before turning it over and out of the pan. I also don't like when the apples are not baked well. They should be like apple jelly, firm, completely cooked through, but not falling apart. The vanilla creme fraiche quenelles don't hurt either.


  1. never thought to bake the puff pastry separately! brilliant idea!

  2. Chef, what type of apples are you using? Granny smiths seem to fall apart too easily.

  3. I actually did use granny smiths. Apples now are not so great since the season was months ago and all varieties are not doing so well after month in storage. Just cook them long and slow at very low temp.