Wednesday, August 15, 2012


In these photos you will see the results of laminating croissant dough with butter (of course) and a layer of chocolate brioche and strawberry brioche. There are two different finished items I made with the dough.


  1. Gorgeous. I have been working on croissants the last 8 months and love laminated doughs. I just recently started playing with laminated brioche as well. Might any of your flavored brioche recipes be available anywhere?! This is so inspiring!

  2. Brilliant! Would love to see a cross section cut and/or how you arranged and cut the bottom pastry to make it fan like that!

    MMm, strawberry brioche, how intriguing! Do you have a recipe in one of your books for that?

  3. Dear Mr. Migoya,

    I really wanted to tell you how I admire your work, and how inspirational it is for a newbie patissiere like me.
    I truly am in awe everytime you post some of your new ideas in your blog.
    You manage to always keep wonderfully elegant and simple(yet complex),just like only some maitre patissiere of your calibre could do.

    Thank you so much for keeping us all in love with the white art.

    P.S. I have one question :

    Did you start laminating the three different doughs together, or did you firstly laminated the croissant once, and then added the brioches later on?

    Lots of thanks,

    Dan from Italy

  4. This is art. Bravo. Absolutely beautiful.