Friday, October 12, 2012


This is basically a liquid chocolate base (water, chocolate, sugar, cocoa powder) gelled with agar and gelatin, then pureed very smooth, like a fluid gel. We put it in the whipper and let it get hot in the circulator (70 C) and then we put two charges of NO2 in the whipper. We keep the whipper in the hot circulating water bath (Polyscience), taking advantage of the hysteresis of agar (which means that if it got hotter than 85 C it will melt down again; colder and it will be too firm and you couldn't force the bubbles from NO2 into it, so this is why precise temperature control was so important) but in the circulating bath we can keep it hot AND gelled at a constant temperature. Once we pour the whipped hot chocolate into a bowl we coat the surface with turbinado sugar and caramelize it with a torch. We hit the surface with a quick blast of cold air from a cold-spray can to harden the sugar, and there you have it, whipped hot chocolate creme brulee. So good you can't imagine.