Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cinnamon Ganache Sticks

Cinnamon ganache tubes. Rolled up untempered chocolate filled with cinnamon ganache. The intention with these 8 inch long cinnamon bars was to make them look like actual cinnamon sticks. 
To accomplish this, place a few sheet pans in refrigeration.  Meanwhile, melt chocolate (dark) to 110 F. Sorted the hot melted chocolate on the cold sheet pan in a very uniform layer. Just as it begins to set, roll it up by using a sharp bench knife or sparkling knife to push it up creating an evenly shaped roll. It is filled with ganache once the chocolate has hardened completely. 


  1. Really cool, something so obvious now that you've created it but I would have never thought of it on my own.


    just a coincidence ?!

    1. Those are cool! How did you make them?
      I do believe it is a coincidence.
      You guys do such beautiful work... I am thrilled that you reached out.

      On a separate note I want to express to you how saddened I am regarding the events of this past Friday in Paris. It is a despicable and horrible thing. I hope that everyone you know is safe and out of harm’s way. My deepest sympathies. I am actually going to Paris next week which I am very much looking forward to.

      PS I hope you didn't think I copied your work! I have always given credit to those who inspire me.

  3. We were very surprised to find edible wood, very similar to what we had done , I speak badly , I auria of saying " what a coincidence " ! It's funny to see that has kilometers of each other , we can have the same inspirations ! Your work is very interesting , we did not we would be permitted to acknowledge , of course.
    As for how to make it edible wood, it is very simple, but we still keep a little secret .
    It is with pleasure that we would exchange with you on culinary design .
    Thank you so much for your support for the sad events in Paris .

    1. Je suis desole! Je pensais que vous parliez anglais. Je parle francias un petit peu.