Thursday, March 31, 2016

Well, aloe aloe aloe there.

Hibiscus poached aloe and kalamansi lime sorbet. Aloe is one of the most intriguing ingredients I've worked with. It's clear like water. A bit slimy (easily resolved by soaking in a limestone and water bath for 12 hours, or, more traditionally with an ingredient known as "tequesquite" an alkaline rock made up of baking soda, common salt, potassium carbonate, sodium sulfate and clay. Some folks use t as seasoning but it serves this de-sliming purpose too. What is amazing about aloe is that it really doesn't taste like anything, but it can really absorb flavor. Here I vacuum sealed it with a sweetened hibiscus infusion. The clear one was soaked for one hour, the deeper red one for two days. Photo taken @modcuisine 

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