Thursday, July 7, 2016

Coconut - Lime Mousse

The idea was to produce a dessert that mimicked a coconut without it being too obvious. I wanted subtle visual cues. The mold I used is typically for oval domes, and when they are attached to each other they produce this particular shape which I found very attractive and ideal to represent the coconut in a slightly abstract way. The surface is scraped with a wire bristle brush to further resemble the skin of the coconut. The dot is to resemble the “eyes” coconuts have; I did dis by warm up a metal rod 5mm diameter and then applying it to the surface. The rings are made of coconut paper which are flexible and white when raw but turn a deep amber brown when they are baked. The concentric circles give the dessert more volume but also a very clean and precise look. These flavors are some of my favorites together.
 Recipe in "so good.. #16"

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