Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Œfs á la Neige

I am really thrilled with this dessert because what is extremely important was that I was able to create a permanent egg foam that wasn’t as sweet as a traditional meringue, and is not cooked in any traditional form. Typically egg meringues are very sweet as they are more sugar than egg whites, but this is only about 1/3 sugar. It is made as an Italian meringue in which we add cooked sugar (which helps to pasteurize the egg whites) to the foamed egg whites and we add gelatin to it (which is what stabilizes the foam permanently when it cools down in refrigeration). It is a revolutionary way to make permanent egg foams. The second important factor is that there are many versions of desserts that look like an egg but are something else. This one is very different from any other version; the core which is simply a frozen apricot puree, is placed into the foam before the foam sets. As it is surrounded by the gelatin in the egg white foam, the gelled foam serves to keep the apricot puree from seeping out. The perfectly cut feathers sharpen the design and make this a visually arresting dessert.



  1. Fantastic these Oefs à la neige, Chef Migoya! Is the technique published in any one of your books?
    Fernanda S

  2. I am truly humbled by your artistic eyes, talent and hard work.