Sunday, July 10, 2016

River Rock

Made with my absolute favorite chocolate cake (blackout chocolate cake, recipe in my book, The Elements of Dessert, Wiley, 2012) baked in a @silikomartprofessional mold. It is then hollowed out (crumbs can be saved and dehydrated for other uses) filled with a lemon curd sphere and a praline cream. The whole thing is airbrushed with white cocoa butter. The sauce is a very lightly gelled dark chocolate sauce (@johnnyiuzzini  Recipe plus 1 sheet of gelatin) is frozen in a silicone mold then unmolded and thawed on the plate, which is sped up with the help of a heat gun. The nibs are candied cocoa nibs from @felchlinswitzerland align with the chocolate profile of this dessert but also add texture. Plain cocoa nibs are not something I could get into as is, except for making chocolate. 

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