Thursday, October 20, 2016

Panettone baked in a Jar


Why it works: as it bakes, steam escapes through the lid, and as it cools it will create a vacuum within the jar. This is important for two reasons: it will hold the panettone up while it cools thus negating the need to turn the panettone upside down, something you always have to do with this bread to prevent collapsing, and also, since it is airtight it will extend the shelf life of the panettone. This one is 5 weeks old and has no sign of molding. This specific jar shape is intentional too as it allows the panettone to slide right out. Downside: these jars are not exactly cheap and the largest ones are 1 lt capacity only. This is 350 g of dough only where a regular panettone is about 1 kilo. Plus side: this opens possibilities for baking other doughs and batters this way. A fully baked angel food cake in a jar for example. This is not our invention by the way, I want to make that clear; it is from Denis Dianin from d&g Patisserie in Padua,Italy. #panettone #jar #gudetama #lazyegg

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