Thursday, December 1, 2016


It's December 1st, which to some means it's time to start an advent calendar. I made this one for the most recent Christmas Expo at the @epgb_barcelona. It consists of 24 hollow chocolate cubes, each with a number date on it, and within each cube a chocolate bar shaped like a tree trunk (inspired by the idea of the Bûche de Noël). Each bar is different, with seasonal and nostalgia flavors, like pumpkin pie, caramel apples, candy cane, fruit cake, etc. Each day you lift a cube to reveal a different bar. And of course you can eat the cube too! Recipes are in the newest @revistadulcypas magazine. 

These are the bars: 

These are the flavors / Guia de turrones:
1.         Gingerbread cookie (Galleta de pan de gengibre).
2.         Fruitcake (panque de frutos secos)
3.         Cookies and cream (galletas con crema) 
4.         Coffee and doughnuts (café y donas)
5.         Chocolate cake (pastel de chocolate)
6.         Red velvet cake (pastel de terciopelo rojo)
7.         Birthday cake (pastel de cumpleaños)
8.         Cinnamon toast (pan tostado y canela)
9.         Bananas and cream (platanos con crema)
10.       Vanilla shortbread cookie (galletas de mantequilla)
11.       Black sesame seed (pasta de sesame negro).
12.       Pistachio and fig (pistache e higos) 
13.       Turrón
14.       Pumpkin pie (pay de Calabaza)
15.       Speculoos cookie (galleta speculoos)
16.       Nutella with candied hazelnuts (Nutella con avellanas caramelizadas)
17.       Caramel apple (manzana caramelizada)/ manzanas caramelizadas / canela / chocolate blanco
18.       Lemon meringue pie (pay de limon y merengue)
19.       Candy cane (baston de caramelo)
20.       Caviar
21.       Stöllen
22.       Marrons Glaces
23.       Black truffle (trufa negra)
24.       Peanut butter and caramel / crema de cacahuate y caramel

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