A beautiful baguette

A beautiful baguette

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There are, in my opinion, four doughs that a baker must master in order to consider him-her self a proper craftsman (or crafts person?): Sourdough, brioche, baguette and lamination. When you know how to do those well, then you can do anything you want.

This particular baguette is made with a levain (a sour pre-ferment that utilizes only wild yeast) and the dough itself does have a small percentage of commercial yeast.


Today our bread team did an extraordinary job with their product, especially with the baguette. This is a little larger than traditional baguettes, weighing in at 450 g (typically they weight 320 to 370 g). The scores are good and the crust has a very nice browning, very particular of levain baguettes. The levain is what also makes this a special baguette, since baguette usually utilizes the much more convenient poolish as a pre-ferment, which is not going to provide as good of a crust or crumb as the natural levain does.