5 Tips on How to Plan a Bake Sale

Last Updated on September 2, 2018 by Harold Harrell

Hosting a bake sale is a great way to make some extra money. Oftentimes, these events are used to raise funds for religious or social events, schools, and charities. After all, few can resist the allure of sweets spread out on a table as far as the eye can see. Making and selling small sweets is economical for your budget, and can produce a sweet return. For the most effective planning, keep a cause in mind that you want to help fund.

Form Your Team

A few weeks before your event, ask your friends, neighbors, or anyone you know if they would be interested in helping. Be sure to let them know about the cause with which you’re involved. You can be strategic in how you form your team. Ask those who bake if they can contribute homemade cookies or other desserts. You can ask non-baking friends to help in other areas. Typical needs include purchasing items at the store, making signs and advertising your sale, collecting money, keeping track of inventory, and cleaning up after the sale.

Plan a Strategic Location

Choose a public location where you know there will be a lot of passersby. Check with the proper authorities on whether or not you need a permit to set up your booth. Ask local retail storeowners if you can sell your items in front of their shops. Look for places where there might be hungry audience members at outdoor venues. Children’s soccer and other outdoor sports are great places to hold your event as well. The best spots will be places where people in the community gather.

Publicize Your Event

Once you choose your location, start advertising. Design flyers with the place, date, time, and cause and post them in appropriate places. For instance, if you’re planning a sale to raise money for a charity and it’ll be at a school event, post the flyers around school. Ask the principal if you can make an announcement about it as well. Have your team members promote the event with you in solidarity. Try wearing the same color shirts, or design personalized shirts, to promote your cause and event.

Bake Your Goods

Be sure to bake a variety of goods. Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and Rice Krispies treats are always popular items. You can also include fun, novelty goods, such as cake pops (bite-sized cake on a lollipop stick), mini pies, or assorted truffles. Have a range of healthy options as well. Keep in mind that your customers may be vegan or prefer gluten-free items. Many customers may also have food allergies, so also make items without nuts or with soy.

Preparation and Presentation

After tallying the costs of ingredients used to make your sweets, decide on reasonable prices to sell your goods. Write them on individual tags or keep a baked goods list handy with the price of each item. Decorate your booth and area using balloons, tablecloths, and signs. Arrange your items according to types. For instance, you can have different sections for cookies, brownies, cakes, and pies. Be prepared for anything and keep your inventory list handy.

If you’re hosting the event across several days, appropriately store your items. Keep track of what’s selling fast. If you have time, make more of the hot-selling sweets. Since many of your customers will unwrap their treats to eat at your booth, offer additional items, such as coffee or lemonade. If you plan your event wisely, you’ll be making extra money in no time.

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