Craquelin v2.0

Francisco Migoya
Written by Francisco Migoya

Craquelin, the original version, is a Belgian pastry that consists of wrapping sugar cubes (flavored often but not necessarily so) with brioche and then topping the brioche with sanding sugar (see photo all the way at the bottom of this posting for the classic version). For this version we used a cube mold and forced the brioche to proof and bake in it with a flat weight over the mold to take on its shape.


Both images above are a test that my head baker, Justen Nickel, did for us a few days ago in preparation for putting them into production soon. I think it looks great and it also tastes very good. I wouldn’t say it is better than the original craquelin; I would put them in the same category taste-wise, but visually, 2.0 is far superior. (Note: the empty spot in the middle of both craquelins is caused by the sugar cubes melting into the dough, leaving a crispy sweet cavern behind).