Crispy Milk Revisited

Francisco Migoya
Written by Francisco Migoya

A while back I posted about crispy milk ; in this case it was a foamed milk with glucose that was then dehydrated, creating a wonderful, meringue-like foam with a very intense milk taste. I recently came across an idea to make a milk foam in an iSi whipper (400 g milk plus two sheets of gelatin) and it did in fact create a voluminous foam, but even with the gelatin it was not very stable ten minutes after extruding it from the whipper. This is when I decided to let it air-dry at room temperature for two days, knowing full well that the foam would completely collapse, but I was curious as to the final result, and this is what you see. The gelatin helped create this flat, crisp sheet of milk, very flavorful and texturally extremely crisp. The flavor of milk was acutely concentrated since the moisture had evaporated, leaving only the solid components of the milk behind, effectively concentrating their flavor.


In this photo I added a dollop of caramel and a few Maldon salt crystals. Delicious as a petite four.