Fried Croissants

Francisco Migoya
Written by Francisco Migoya

Recently, Francis Lam from Gilt Taste, posed a question to me. He wanted to know if it was possible to fry a croissant. My first educated guess was that it was not possible, that it would make a mess in the fryer with the butter oozing out. It is one of the times in my life when I am so happy to be wrong. This worked beautifully. It fried like a doughnut (note the blond band around the midriff). In fact the best way to describe it is that it tasted like a flaky doughnut if you can picture that. I coated the already proofed croissant in wondra flour since I assumed this would create a seal (I was afraid the butter would seep out). I carefully dropped it in the fryer and it buoyed like a, well, buoy. Once it had enough color on one side, I turned it over to brown the other side. I could not believe it. I wouldn’t have had I not seen it. A little sugar and some vanilla powder. Just right.