7 Best Vacuum Sealer of 2021: Handpicked By Expert Chefs

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Harold Harrell

Every single day, many people are guilty of throwing out leftover foods. We make too much food and eventually do not eat them right away which results to eventually decompose,rot and become unusable. Most refrigerators only save the food to rot for a few days and still end up throwing them out. This process is definitely wasteful and not a money wise move.

By preserving food and extending its shelf life doesn’t only save money. It can also save different businesses involved in the food industry. Foods that are not properly packaged food can spoil quickly. Room temperature and open air is food’s worst enemy. This is where food sealers come into play.

Otherwise know as food sealer, it is one of the best way to preserve food and other personal items. By using a food vacuum, it allows you to eat healthier and save more money on your grocery bill. Foods stored in a sealer bag will last 3-5 times longer than a Ziploc storage bag, it allows us to store a lot more food. You need to have a bigger freezer that is large enough to accommodate your food vacuum sealed food. Some of the most common foods vacuum sealed are meat, vegetables and fruits.

Best Buy From Consumer’s Report and Reviews

(A product bought many people because it lasts long and worth their money)

1. FoodSaver v4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit


According to consumer’s report, this FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System is long lasting and is money well spent. This is a must have for those of you who spend most of their time in the kitchen as its vacuum sealing versatility will allow you to preserve your foods with such ease freeing you to focus on other tasks in the kitchen thanks to its combination of both handheld and standard vacuum sealer. Quickness and ease of sealing and saving, convenient handheld retractable sealer just to mention a few makes it an all in one kind of unit.


  • In built retractable handheld sealer seals
  • Moist/Dry food settings
  • Convenience when it comes to roll storage as well as bag cutter
  • Automated pull-out drip tray drawer


  • Big in size
  • Relatively short cord
  • Re-storing Vacuum hose in the unit can be frustrating
  • Sealing the ziplock bags can be frustrating

Top Commercial Vacuum Sealer

(This vacuum sealer was made to endure heavy duty stuff)

2. Weston Pro-2300 Commercial Vacuum Sealer


This is clearly the best commercial vacuum sealer.It is made for endurance capable of handling heavy duty stuff. It simply gives your kitchen the high end professional look and keeps servicing you all through without any glitch or mess. Simply a moneys worth kitchen appliance and you can regard it as your stable kitchen companion.


  • Powerful, double piston pump
  • Extra wide, 5mm seal bar
  • Extra-long 15" (38 cm) seal ba
  • Reliable all time use Fan cooled motor


  • Not made for vacuuming seal containers, marinators or mason jars.
  • Still heavy and big in size
  • Fairly noisy

Editor’s Pick: Automatic Vacuum Sealer

(All you have to do is turn this machine on and it will do everything for you)

3. FoodSaver Premium 2-In-1 Automatic FSFSSL5860-DTC


If you want convenience and to save money then this what you need as its Automated Bag-Making Vacuum Sealing System does you extra service by keeping food fresh for up to 5 times longer. This is an innovative appliance that is also convenient when it comes to roll storage as well as roll cutter all you got to do is press a button. Also thanks to its FoodSaver Marinator you can marinate your food in a matter of minutes making its more of a silent kitchen buddy.


  • Convenient in roll storage and roll cutter
  • 2-in-1 automatic sealing system
  • Bag dispense and rewind is automated
  • Marinates in minutes
  • Removable pull-out drip tray drawer
  • Air-Tight Vacuum Sealing System


  • Tends to malfunction within an year even with light
  • Trouble shooting steps may not work
  • Unreliable customer service

Expert’s Recommended: Chamber Vacuum Sealer

(For small deli and commercial kitchens, it allows you to vacuum package soups and stews and other liquid-rich foods)

4. VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


VacMaster VP120 is the best chamber-style vacuum sealer for small deli and small commercial kitchens. Another major reason you should have it in your kitchen is because when it comes to liquid-rich foods it will never let you down as it allows you to vacuum package your soups and stews with no mess. Another great thing about it’s also designed for commercial use so if you have a restaurant or have that big occasion where you will host lots of people VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is your sure companion while handling those soups and stews.


  • Maintenance-free and ease of use.
  • Chamber style design makes it ideal for vacuum packaging liquid-rich foods.
  • Automated programming options
  • Automatic lid.


  • Digital readout and seal timer may malfunction
  • Bags not reusable

Chef’s Choice: Countertop Vacuum Sealer

(Perfect for home use, especially in the kitchen. Will let you vacuum pack almost anything without hassle.)

5. FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealer


FoodSaver FM2100-000 Vacuum Sealing System is simply the best Countertop Vacuum Sealer. What makes it perfect for everyday home use is that it you can easily vacuum pack just about anything. You don’t have to worry about your foods as it will keep them fresh 5x longer saving you money as you will no longer have to be buying foods on sale as well as prevention of waste when you buy them in bulk. Along with its compact design its manual operations will not give you a head ache while preserving a variety of everyday foods. This new technology lets you minimize wastage of bags especially due to its compatibility with other accessories.


  • Space-saving design
  • Easy latch and lock operation
  • Reduce bag waste
  • Convenience when it comes to roll storage as well as roll cutter
  • Marinates food within minutes
  • Compatible other accessories


  • Doesn’t have a different hose fitting
  • Vacuum packing can sometimes delay

Top Rated: Compact Vacuum Sealer

(Small but powerful. Great for vacuum sealing dry food and items.)

6. Crenova VS100S Vacuum Starter Kit


What makes Crenova VS100S the best compact vacuum sealer is its powerful regardless of its small size and is great when it comes to vacuum sealing dried foods and items. Knowing that a kitchen is only perfect if it has a vacuum sealer then it is only fair to get yourself a Crenova VS100S Vacuum Sealing System which goes the extra mile by keeping food fresh for up to 8 times longer. This way you no longer have to fear buying food in bulk and you will no longer have to worry about buying foods on sale and not forgetting its comes with vacuum sealer bags.


  • Keeps food fresh for up to 8 times longer
  • 3mm extra-wide sealing strip creating extra air-tight seal
  • Supports 2-in-1 function in combination with vacuuming as well as sealing.
  • Vacuuming or sealing functions can also be operated separately
  • Applicable for different fields such as meat, snacks, documents among others


  • Not best for wet foods
  • No drip tray

All-time Favorite: Handheld Food Sealer

(Affordable and is easy to handle by small people)

7. FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum


The FoodSaver FreshSaver Handheld Vacuum Sealing system is an appliance that will definitely not disappoint you. On top of its affordability it can easily be handled by small people. It offers you a great way for preserving foods such as deli meat, cheese among other everyday refrigeration foods keeping them fresh longer. It’s compactness and ease of use make it all the more appealing especially because it can easily fit in any standard sized kitchen drawer. You can basically call it a silent partner in your kitchen.


  • Great for preserving foods such as deli meat, cheese among other everyday refrigeration foods
  • Very compact and ease of use
  • One-touch operation vacuums
  • Takes just a press of a button for it to be air-tight
  • Handheld device hence convenience of storage


  • Hard to seal
  • Bags not as effective when re used
  • Bags sometimes doesn’t have a good hold of a suction

Factors to Consider

When buying a vacuum sealer it’s imperative that you put a few factors in to consideration to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. Here’s what to look out for;

Vacuum Speed Settings

A good food saver machine should offer you the luxury of adjusting the vacuum speed depending of the type of food. Most sealers come with 2 vacuum speed settings; normal and gentle. This is very important if you want to make the most out of the vacuum sealer.

Gentle speed settings are used when sealing delicate foods to prevent crushing them. Once the sealer is set to the gentle cycle, it removes the air from the bag automatically. However, expect the food vacuum to have a normal default speed setting.

Sealing Strip

vacuum-sealer-sealing-stripBefore you make a purchase, ensure that the model of choice comes with an extra wide sealing strip to provide extra security. A wide sealing strip ensures that the sealer generates an air-tight, impermeable seal to maintain food freshness and flavor. It may also enable sealing of more than one bag thereby increasing productivity.

Be sure to check if the vacuum packing machine can create an air-tight seal by simply inserting the bag into the vacuum channel before pressing the seal button while at the store.

Moist and Dry Food Settings

Check out if the food vacuum sealer of choice is attuned with adjustable seal level depending on how dry or moist the food you want to seal is before buying. These setting are indispensable when it comes to sealing of juicy foods for instance.

Checking the functionality of these settings is as simple as selecting the moist food settings for foods containing moisture and the dry food settings for foods without moisture.

Drip Tray

The best food vacuum sealer should be fitted with a detachable drip tray. For added convenience the dishwasher drip tray should be extra wide to help you control the overflow of liquids. The reason why it must be removable is to facilitate easy cleaning.

It is important to note that you should not allow water or any other liquids to sit in the drip tray for long as this may lead to functionality issues.


When shopping for a vacuum packer, you may want to consider going for the most trusted brand. There are a lot of different brands in the market and settling for the brand that offers quality might be tasking. Make a compilation of various brands before proceeding to the manufacturer’s website to check the vacuum sealer reviews.

If a brand offers quality and reliability you’re most likely going to pick that from the website based on positive reviews by satisfied consumers. If a particular brand is sub standard, you will come across a lot of negative reviews from previous users.

Customer Reviews

customer-reviewsIn the same breath, you’re better if you went through customer reviews on a particular food sealer before making a purchase. The best place to get such reviews would be on various online stores where consumers leave unbiased reviews.

You can also check food sealer reviews on some sites. Be sure to check the product’s ratings so as to make a purchase from an informed point of view. Of course it goes without saying that top rated food savers are most likely going to make the best buy.


Familiarize yourself with what the warranty it has before buying it. Inquire what is covered within the warranty and what’s not. This will help you avoid unnecessary inconveniences in the future should the unit break down. Buy the vacuum sealer whose warranty is not only longer in terms of time but covers the widest range of eventualities as well.

Things That You Can Store

There are many things that you can store and do with the help of the vacuum packer that you chose for your home. Here are some things that we do with our vacuum sealer:

Breakfast on the go

frozen-food-vacuumedAs a mom and a career woman, I always want the best for my kids but I may not always be there to tend to their needs. So, when I’m required to travel, I whip up some bagels or muffins with their favorite toppings and vacuum seal them individually to be store in the fridge. All they need to do in the mornings would only be to heat them up before going to school.

Save the bananas

vacuumed-banana-breadI love baking my own bread and my all time favorite would be the banana bread. Whenever we have bananas in our kitchen, I would always take two or three to be vacuum sealed with the sealer that we’ve purchased online after reading some reviews online. The refrigerated bananas would last weeks without discoloring until I find the time to make some banana bread.

Chips anyone?

chipsThe whole family is crazy when it comes to potato chips (that’s the most unhealthy snack food that I would allow us to eat) so we usually buy them in bulky sized packaging. The bad thing about buying them in that size is that, they would tend to get stale if not sealed properly. What I do is that I repackage and vacuum seal them in smaller containers. That way, we only ‘open’ the package that we’re currently eating one at a time.

Important documents

documents-sealedThe most important documents in our home are vacuum sealed and stored in a safe place. It keeps away the moisture and mold that could destroy the documents themselves. We had mold problems in our old home and it got to the stash of insurance papers that was stored nearby the infected wall.

Seed me!

nuts-sealedMy mother would always vacuum seal sunflower seeds from her garden and give it to me so that i can plant it in mine for the next season. Thing is, I usually toast the seeds and snack on them before the next season ever came. Even nuts!

For fresh linen

fresh-linen-sealedI love the smell of freshly laundered linen that has been out to dry outside under the sun. That’s why I vacuum seal all the sheets and bedding before putting them away in the linen closet. It will also get compacted, enabling me to save some space in the closet for new sets of linen if I’m tempted to get some.

How To Use Vacuum Sealer