Revisiting Danish Again

Francisco Migoya
Written by Francisco Migoya

Having seen some really good results with slicing laminated danish dough after the last turn (vs. sheeting it after the last turn) as you can see here I am working currently on a way to get these items into production. The variation you see here is a regular laminated danish dough that has a layer of chocolate brioche dough that was applied to the danish dough just before performing the final turn in order to create a textural/flavor contrast that also results in a visually appealing look of alternating layers of laminated dough with the darker chocolate brioche. This item has a square of strawberry genoise (made with freeze dried strawberry powder) locked inside of it. It is also brushed with a mixture of simple syrup, a balsamic vinegar reduction and corn syrup that is applied just after they come out of the oven. They are then returned to the bake for five minutes with the vent open to crisp up the sweet glaze. This danish does not need anything more. It is great to eat on its own.

Danish-2 Danish-1 Danish-3