target Black Friday Sale and General Tips For Everyone

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It’s that time of the year again and here in The Quenelle we also love shopping other than baking and cooking items, such as clothings, bags, books, and makeups. We mostly recommend Amazon, but when it comes to local and emergency buying/shopping, our go-to would always be Target.

Tip: Slickdeal got some Black Friday sale and coupons for Target, so we suggest you to check ‘em out first!

Black Friday sales can sometimes ignite the competitive edge among consumers – people throwing elbows to get at the bargains, fighting over the last available sale item in stock, even going so far as stealing from other people’s shopping carts. So how do you sidestep the holiday shopping madness? Avoiding the melee and the crowds, while still taking advantage of Black Friday specials and sale prices is possible, but it takes a little foresight.

To avoid the fray, check out these shopping ideas and Black Friday tips.

Tip #1: Make a Black Friday shopping list.

If you know what you’re looking for, it will make it easier to spot deals on those specific items when they go on sale. A Black Friday shopping list will also help you stay on budget with Christmas shopping so you don’t make unnecessary purchases.

Tip #2: Surf the Internet to check prices before you buy.

You’re not going to get a good Black Friday deal on a specific netbook if you don’t know how much it costs to begin with. Scout out prices and check them out at a reputable online retailer like

Tip #3: Visit the store ahead of time.

Get an idea for the store’s layout and where the items you want to purchase are so that you can get in and get out quickly.


Tip #4: Skip the mall – shop online.

Save time, gas, money, and avoid the crowds, by shopping online to get the best deals. That’s why we love Target; they even offer “same day delivery”. How cool is that?! Cyber Monday also offers some amazing specials that are just as good if not better than the in-store Black Friday sales.

Tip #5: Find extra deals – look outside the box.

You can find extra deals on popular products through 3rd party sites like Slickdeals. Slickdeals offers extra deals, coupons and discounts to over 800 online stores, and provides discounts above and beyond what the store or manufacturer will offer.

Tip #6: Buyer’s remorse – don’t get stuck!

Check the return policy before you buy. If your Black Friday or Cyber Monday purchase is a Christmas gift, you may want to ensure it can be returned or exchanged. Ask about the return policy at your favorite store, or with your payment provider.


Happy Thanksgiving – and have a Happy Black Friday and Cyber Monday too with our Black Friday tips!

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