Thursday, January 26, 2012

Okinawa Black Sugar Couverture

The shell for this confection was made in the mostly the same way you'd make white chocolate (sugar + whole milk powder + cocoa butter... sometimes vanilla), but I replaced the sugar for a very unrefined sugar from Japan called Okinawa black sugar (so unrefined it's almost not sweet, like black strap molasses), replaced the whole milk powder with non-fat milk powder, and used regular cocoa butter. So it's not a healthy confection per-se, but it can be considered healthFUL. The black color on the surface is a mixture of vegetable ash (no aroma, no taste, just natural black color) and cocoa butter.
It is filled with a ganache made with black sesame seed paste and a disc of green tea mochi. Sorry, I have no photo of the insides.

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