Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Popcorn Chocolate - Served Warm! How??!!

First and foremost to make the popcorn chocolate I popped butter popcorn in a microwave and mixed it while hot into melted cocoa butter then let it infuse for a few hours. I strained it out and refined the now popcorn  infused cocoa butter with milk powder and sugar for 24 hours. Once the chocolate was refined I added 5% movie theater butter. Some may not know what this is, but in the USA you can ask for a butter flavored fat to be poured over your popcorn at movie theaters. This flavor is essential to create a flavor point of reference for popcorn in my opinion. But how to recreate the warm feeling in your hands from a bag of just-popped popcorn? The answer can be found in hand warmers. These are more common in cold climates, meaning you won't find them in Rio . They are small packets that when unwrapped go through a physical reaction that makes them hot. And this is used for people to keep their hands warm in bitter cold days. So this is what I thought could create just enough heat to provide that warm sensory experience. I also had to resolve the whole "chocolate melts when it is warm" issue. But that was easy as all I had to do was create enough space between the hand warmer and the chocolate. They don't have to be in contact at all for a full experience. I have also done this with "warm" chocolate chestnuts (to be posted soon) and "hot" peanuts in their shell. The popcorn mold is something you will just have to google and figure out. I can't do everything.

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